Check In Menu

We can go as long as you want us to ;)

Ever wished your hotel check in process could speed up so you can get to your room quicker? Or do you secretly curse the hotel team for not giving you a more detailed tour of the facilities?

Whichever way you swing, we have the solution.

Thoughtfully designed to give the power back to you right from the moment you walk in. You get to decide just exactly how much time you want to spend with our Z Agents. We present to you...

The Zagame's House Check In Menu:

Simply select one of the following Check In options so we can provide you with the exact experience you're after.

1. The Quickie
The quickest option!
Simply check-in, get out (of the lobby) and get to your room - stat!

2. Déjà Vu
Feels like you've been here before... because you literally have!
You know the drill, so we'll check you in as swiftly as possible so you can get into your room and settle back into home.  

3. Thank U, Next
We get it, you have places to be and things (/people) to do ;)
We'll speed up your check-in process, give you the "need to know – on the down low”, see you off at the lift, and give you a buzz in a bit to make sure you have settled in nice and comfortably.

4. The Grand Tour
This is the full check-in and tour experience! You'll be shown our 24 Hour Gym, 1851 Coffee+Kitchen, Lord Lygon Wine Shop, then escorted to your room via our artwork-filled ‘alleyway’. Once at your room, we will also point out and explain all the key features so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

You'll be presented with these options upon arrival, so you won't even need to ask!