Maître Z

For all your needs - even the ones you didn’t know you wanted!

As a special hybrid of our Z Agents, concierge, host and maître d, our Maître Z is here to make sure you get everything you need for a perfect stay, every time.

There's no request too big, small or weird!

Here are some examples of what the Maître Z can do for you:

  • Be your personal butler
  • Help you keep fit and provide health & fitness advice
  • Teach you Italian
  • Tell you about the latest Melbourne trends & hideouts
  • Have a D&M sesh with you
  • Be your personal driver in our House car Freya the Fiat 
  • Walk your dog
  • Doggy Daycare

If you can think it, we can do it! *

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A Man Standing Next To A Dog

*As long as it is legally and physically possible.