Our House, Your Home

Home. Feels good doesn’t it.

So imagine if home upped its game. Like next-level. Interiors to fall head-over for, a wine cellar to get lost in, a kitchen that transports you, where everyone wants to spoil you, and a home that gives you a front-row seat to what makes a city great.

It’s why we’re called House not Hotel. You’re not a room number, you’re part of the family. Born out of a passion for true hospitality, brothers Victor and Robert Zagame have filled the place with all the simple pleasures in life.

Yes, it’s superbly designed, but it’s designed around all the things we love and love to share. We ask ourselves ‘Is it ‘Zagame-worthy?’ From the vintage in your glass, to the local produce on your plate, to the linen on your bed, to the art on the walls… we take pride and pleasure in all that we deliver.

We’re sexy not exy. Premium not pretentious. Comfortable not complacent. A place you’ll feel at home, on a whole other level. Whatever turns you on, we turn it up for you.

Welcome to Zagame’s House. 

Our Brand Values

Earth Conscious

Our Brand Promise

A welcoming destination that feels like home.