Coffee Kitchen

Start your day with a communal breakfast and coffee from Mansfield Coffee Merchants. We shop as locally and fresh as we can, making every mouthful seasonal and sustainable. After all, there’s nothing more “Melbourne” than a gorgeously presented delicious meal. Named after the year Carlton was founded, 1851 Coffee Kitchen has a modern fusion menu and a social, informal feel. See you there!



Eggs Your Way 14

Choice of artisan bread
Light Rye
Gluten Free
Fruit Loaf 

Kale & Greens (toast alternative) 6
Smashed avocado 5
Bacon l Smoked salmon 5
Mushroom l Rosti 4
Sausage swap 7

Chef's Omelette 14 

Porridge 14
Cinnamon-infused milk, caramelised banana, caramel sauce, macadamia

Hemp Seed Hotcake 16
Passionfruit, lime, ginger, coconut sorbet, sesame crumble

ZH Granola Bowl 19
Acai sorbet, fresh & freeze dried seasonal fruit, granola, yoghurt, coconut

Eggsmash 16
Creamy mash, 2 coddled eggs, chives, Manchego cheese, toasted brioche

Breakfast Ramen 17
Eggnoodles, shiitake mushrooms, 7 minute egg, Estate bacon, black sesame, miso broth

Benedict 18 
Slow cooked eggs, Pialligo Estate bacon, brown butter béarnise, rosti potato, apple salad

Fritters & Eggs 18 
Sweet corn fritters, 63° eggs, avocado & cashew nut pesto, chilli jam, honey yoghurt

Belgian Waffles 16 
Butterscotch, passionfruit curd, chocolate soil, strawberries, torched marshmallows

Grains & Greens Salad 20
Freekeh, quinoa, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, slivered almonds, raisin, seasonal
greens, honey, coriander, lemon

Pastries of the Day
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