Home is Where The Paw is

Zagame’s House is going Fur-Friendly!

Pets are family, and when you’re out and about and living your best life, the last thing we’d want is for you to have to leave your fur-baby behind! 

Aside from the ultimate joy of being able to stay by your side, all fur-babies staying with us will also receive the special amenities below: 

  • A “Treat Yo Fur-baby” Bag of goodies! 
  •  Exclusive In-Room Dining Menu for Pets 
  • “Furry Movie of the Month” as part of our free movie selection 
  • Access to Special Fur-friendly Services via our Partners such as pet walking, pet sitting, grooming salon, personal training for pets… and more! 
  • Bonding sessions with our Dog of the House, Hugo the Groodle (subject to availability) 

At Zagame’s House we don’t discriminate. Whilst we love all animals equally no matter how rare they are, unfortunately we can’t accommodate all species :( 

Pre-furred Animals

Check our List below to see if your fur-baby can check into our House with you!

Polar Bear

Iberian Goat
Tasmanian Tiger
Dusky Flying Fox

Any pets that sit outside the approved list must be sent to the Hotel prior to booking for approval.


Questions about bringing your furbaby?

Just ask our Dog of the House, Hugo the Groodle!:


Our Fur-friendly Partners


Terms & Conditions

  • Valid for pets on the Pre-furred Animals List only upon approval, not valid for any other animals
  • Anytime your fur-baby is in a public area within the hotel grounds, we ask that they be on a leash or contained in a crate or carry bag
  • Your fur-baby is allowed in the Lounge Room area of the Lobby (on a leash). Sadly, they are not allowed in the hotel bar, restaurant or gym – though we can arrange Personal Training sessions for your fur-baby - just ask our Z-Agents!
  • They are welcome to join you at the outside tables at Lord Lygon
  • At no time should you leave your fur-baby unaccompanied in the room or any vehicles
  • A $140 departure deep-clean charge is in place to help keep the rooms allergen-free for non-fur-friendly guests
  • We allow a maximum of two fur-babies per room
  • Please take your fur-baby for regular bathroom breaks outside the hotel
  • Fur-babies will need to be taken out of Hotel grounds to go potty. We will provide ‘poop bags’ to help you keep our neighbourhood clean and tidy :)
  • An extra $300 pre-authorisation on your credit card will be processed at check-in to cover any potential damage caused in case your fur-baby freaks out!
  • For the enjoyment of all guests, furry or not, our Volume-Control policy applies:

1 Complaint = 1 Warning; 2 Complaints = Farewell :(

All Fur-Guests must comply with Victorian State Law:

The Domestic Animals Regulation 2015 in Victoria demands that all dog owners of declared dangerous dogs, declared menacing dogs and restricted breed dogs must comply with all requirements of the Act or face large fines for each offense or even imprisonment.

Victoria has listed dog breeds that fit the Victorian “Approved Standard” which are restricted and must comply with Act requirements.

  • American Pit Bull Terrier (Pit Bull Terrier)
  • Perro de Presa Canario (Presa Canario)
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Fila Brasileiro